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Documentary for La Repubblica on my life in London.

Interview by Enrico Franceschini, film by Elisa Spigariol

To see the video click on the preview

Documentary for La Repubblica on my life in London.

Interview by Enrico Franceschini, film by Elisa Spigariol

To see the video click on the preview

Art gallery Director, Freelance journalist and Parmesan doc

The professional me…

Please do not put me in a box. I don’t like being labelled and I don’t find it useful. I much prefer my work as Deputy Director at Opera Gallery London during the day and writing Art exhibition reviews at night and in my weekends.

As a journalist, I have been covering mainly culture and art. Currently, I collaborate with the art magazines Artribune and Arteconomy (Sole 24ore), in addition to preparing interviews with artists that have been featured on BBC World, Sky News, Russian Today and Reuters.

I am a member of the Italian Press and Journalists association since 2011 and each year I successfully attended courses and exams to continue to renew my press card.

I previously worked as a Director at Ransom Gallery, where I have curated more than 20 exhibitions over 3 years for the renowned photographers Terry O’Neill, Douglas Kirkland, Massimo Listri and for many established Italian artists, including Paolo Troilo and Marco Grassi.

During my master course in Arts Management at City University, I learned that the art world can be enhanced and enriched by business corporation support. Putting this into practice as a gallery director, I have contributed to develop projects in collaboration with BAFTA, BMW, Tiffany & Co., Royal Polo Charity, Chelsea Arts club, Williams Racing team and Polo Awards.

Ever since I was a child I have been hyperactive and a symptom of this is my endless search for adrenaline and intellectual stimulation. At the moment, this quest is based in London, where I can attend Art business courses at Sotheby’s, visit exhibitions in some of most prominent museums in the world and easily jump on a flight for a business trip to Europe or to the US…

The personal me…

I was born in Parma- the Italian food capital -and everyone that knows me is aware of my greatest passion: eating. Apologies for the stereotype, but I admit I couldn’t live without my ham and my cheese and I don’t know how many times I was almost arrested at customs while carrying a suitcase full of traditional products.
Besides that, I was the black sheep in a family of scientists that wanted to cry when I communicated my decision to study Literature and Art to work in the Art world. I had never really realised how Italian and Parmesan I am (I know this sounds like the famous aubergine recipe), until I moved to York to study History for my Erasmus project. During my first journey outside Italy, I understood how lucky I was for being raised in a country where you are surrounded by beauty. Around every corner hides a marble cathedral, a stunning fresco, an ancient palace, an exquisite dish and…more importantly, the sun. When I feel the sun caressing my skin and warms up my soul, I know I am at home.

Another great passion of mine is literature. My dear friends joke that I live in the nineteenth century because I mainly read romantic novels from that period (Stendhal and Tolstoy are my favourites, I know… I am so boring and old fashion). In these novels, men have to “sweat several shorts” (Italian expression that means “work really hard”) before having the rights to speak to a lady. That is how I think it should be. Women deserve it. They need to be desired and courted. They need to be loved and revered as the as magical creatures that they embody. Who else has the power and the strength to give birth to a new life?

I have some books of my own drafted up. One is a story inspired by the film ‘Manhattan’ and the other is a novel about some eccentric characters of the Art world. Let me know if you want to find out more about them!

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All the best events of my life happened by chance, but once they happened hard work and determination are the only way to implement the chances which destiny afforded me. In Italian we say: “The train passes only once in a lifetime”. For me, it was a bus directed to Chelsea that I decide to board while strolling around London as a tourist. I ended up in the design district and that is where I felt it was time to get off and start a new adventure in the art world. I asked for an internship in an art gallery and after few months the internship became full time job while I was studying for my masters degree at City University. I was lucky. I adore learning new languages because it is a good way to become humble again. When you are learning you just have to listen to native speakers and, for once, shut up! I strongly believe that cultural exchange with people from different countries is incredibly enriching and everyone who knows me says that it is hard to fulfil my curiosity for humanity. I could probably talk with anyone for hours always finding something special and appealing in this person. Travelling, for me, is essential way of reminding myself of my true values and for looking at my life from a wiser and distant perspective. Exploring cities, cultures and landscapes with others makes me feel part of a community and raises my optimism in human beings. I greatly enjoy interviewing artists because they stimulate my imagination. Currently, I am preparing a “Grand Tour” in Italy (yes, it is a bit of an excuse for me to eat!) with one of my best friends and excellent video maker, Lisa, to film a series of artsy interviews.


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